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I read about the program and decided to join it immediately! The idea is brilliant and thanks to International Jewish Pen Pal Program I have founded a good friend. Even if Syd is living far away from me, in Canada, we stay in regular touch and exchange thoughts and information about all possible topics. We founded out that we have many things in common. We hope to meet in person after Covid 19 pandemic is over.

Justyna from Germany

The Global Jewish Pen Pal Program has exposed me to new perspectives which I can relate to through our shared Judaism. My pen pal and I have become great friends, and we always look forward to the group events. I am thankful for my participation and am excited for the growth of the program!

Harrison from the USA

As soon as I discovered the Global Jewish Pen Pal Program, I enthusiastically joined: I love writing and international contacts, moreover this program has the unique and special bonus of connecting Jewish pen pals. I honestly just expected to be matched with a new friend in the world and to share my Jewish experiences in emails, messages, letters... The truth is that this program offers much more! First of all, Madison has a talent for matching members with something in common! But you won’t only get in touch with your own pen pal: this program develops personal networking to share our Jewish life with all members, in an amazing variety of ways: social media, virtual tours, articles, a radio show... where members from all over the world are encouraged to share Jewish recipes, traditions, holidays, moments in their lives and communities, anything Jewish related; to learn about interesting differences and at the same time to realize that we are extremely close! A safe, meaningful and fun environment to be enjoyed with respect, kindness and an open mind.

Francesca from Italy

I have met Ilana through this amazing Pen Pal Program last year in May 2020 when the entire world was in a lockdown. It felt nice to still get this vibe of meeting people from different countries and even continents while being stuck at home. We have been chatting since then, exchanging on various topics. It's so inspiring and enriching to hear how she has been celebrating Shabbat, dealing and coping with the situation in New York while I am in my little bubble living in Belgium. She became one of my important supporters, catching up on each other almost on a daily basis while we have never met each in other in person. This was all possible thanks to this amazing Pen Pal program. I do not have enough words to say thank you to Madison for having given me this enriching and life lasting friendship. I can tell don't hesitate a minute longer about signing up, because I have no doubt it will be a great positive experience with no regrets.

Aline from Belgium

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