Bring the founder of the Global Jewish Pen Pal Program to speak to your organization or group either online or in person!


Possible Topics:


The Pen Pal Perspective: How the Global Jewish Pen Pal Program has Brought World Jewry Together

This talk introduces you to the Global Jewish Pen Pal Program, demonstrates why such a program matters and explores how it has impacted people's lives.


Global Jewish Pen Pals: Teaching Jewish History and Identity through Personal Contact

This talk focuses on the different ways connecting with Jews in other countries can enrich a Jewish classroom setting.


Changing Perspective: Jewish Life in Poland Today

During three months living in Poland, Madison experienced firsthand the revival of Jewish life in Poland. In this talk she shares her insights on present day Jewish Poland and how a change in outlook can help global Jewry remain united.


Feel free to approach us about other potential topics as well!


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