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Eat Your Way Through Trader Joe's

The 15 best Kosher, Israeli, and Jewish foods in no particular order.

Trader Joe’s, an American chain of grocery stores, has an almost cult-like following and I’m one of its proud members. Although many supermarkets carry kosher items, those items may not be the store brand--instead, the stores work with vendors. What is special about Trader Joe’s is that the stores are smaller, so you can get in and out. They don’t move the food around the aisles like other stores and the prices are reasonable. They also don’t run shopper discounts or have coupons for consumers. I just love the vibe of the store. You always find unique individuals shopping at Trader Joe’s and the employees genuinely seem to enjoy working there!

Since Trader Joe’s has limited shelf space, they want their food to appeal to most people, including those with dietary restrictions. Here are my personal favorite kosher, Israeli, and Jewish foods you can find at Trader Joe’s!

Things to note: I’m not a rabbi, not all locations carry the same items, not everyone has the same kosher standards, but each of these items has a kosher hechsher (a rabbinical certification, qualifying that an item (often foods) follows the requirements of Jewish law).

1. Chocolate Chip Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches and Mini Mint Ice Cream Mouthfuls - My favorite ice cream treats!

2. Potato Pancakes/Latkes - Shhh don’t tell but I attended a local Hanukkah event and they used these latkes, they are that good.

3. Bamba - Tastes just like the original Osem brand. Peanut butter meets Cheeto texture perfection.

4. Everything but the Bagel Seasoning - I add this to my avocado toast.

5. Croissants - These puff up so much and are the perfect fluffiness; options in various flavors.

6. Fruits and Vegetables - The store has a nice selection of prepared fruits and veggies but, one caveat, they do overuse plastic on many of their packaged items.

7. Flowers - Okay so maybe this one isn’t food... but these are beautiful, affordable additions to any Shabbat table! And hey, this item doesn’t need a hechsher.

8. Meats - Trader Joe’s has a nice selection of turkey and chicken by Empire brand.

9. Garlic Indian Style Flatbread - This tastes especially amazing warmed up; authentic with flavor.

10. Israeli Feta - I’m all about consistency and this feta is pure perfection when it comes to crumble and creaminess.

11. Shakshuka Starter - When this came out I was so excited for this addition to Trader Joe’s frozen section. I love shakshuka and this is perfect for when you are in a hurry or don’t want to mess around with spices to get your dish just right.

12. Everything Ciabatta Rolls - The perfect sandwich bread or side roll doesn’t exist? Oh wait, it does.

13. Chunky Salsa - Good flavor and consistency at a steal of a price.

14. Za’atar - The best part of 2021 so far was the addition of this new spice to your shelf. I add it often to my hummus and toast.

15. Corn Chip Dippers - Great crunch to salt ratio and pairs well with salsa.


What are some of your favorite items from Trader Joe’s? Happy noshing!


Author Bio: Sarah Lauren Krieger was born and raised in Upstate NY and enjoys finding new places to explore, especially in nature. She is a proud alum and Cum Laude graduate of Ithaca College with a B.S. in Communication Management and Design, a concentration in Corporate Communication, and a minor in Jewish Studies. She enjoys combining her passions of Jewish history through travel storytelling. She works with kids, giving back to communities, and is employed in marketing as a content creator. To connect with Sarah, readers can reach out to her on her website, or through Instagram or LinkedIn.


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